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Strategize & Plan

Understanding your business needs is a crucial first step. From there we define goals and lay out a project roadmap.

When working on an established product, this is an important time for me to immerse myself in what your business and existing solution does.


Develop & Iterate

Build, gather feedback, build. During the development phase, open communication is crucial on both sides of the partnership.

I prefer to use a lightweight and agile Kanban approach to project management. An up-to-date visual on progress and regular updates keeps everyone on the same page. If your team uses a different process I'm happy to fit to your needs!


Launch & Learn

Releasing is just the first milestone to building a solid product. This is where we take the time to learn from the project, scale, and re-strategize.

I give you the tools to fuel post-launch success. Track metrics and gain valuable insights to drive future product iterations.

Forkcast Toolbox

Client Project

Simplifying restaurant and menu management for a growing online ordering platform

February 2017 - May 2017Front-end Web DevelopmentJavascript, Vue.js 2.0, HTML/CSS

For this project, I developed a web application for Forkcast to manage restaurants and menus. Aimed to replace a legacy editor that didn't meet the growing needs of the team, our goals with the Toolbox were simplicity, ease of use, and developer productivity. I rebuilt the product with an up-to-date technology stack, modern tooling and a simple codebase that was easier for new developers to jump in as the team grew.

I worked on building this tool as a brand new web application in Vue.js based on their designs and specifications, leveraging Google's Material Design system as a design baseline. This project introduced the modern Vue 2 framework to replace an older Angular 1 front-end. I also made sure to introduce linting, write a reasonable unit-test suite, and keep the component architecture simple and straightforward.

This tool streamlined many troublesome tasks that were difficult or impossible to do in the prior version, making menu changes possible in less time and in fewer steps. Keeping the menus and restaurant information up to date and making quick changes became easier for the interal support teams.

Double Turn


A pro wrestling party fighting game with simple controls and fast-paced matches

February 2017 - PresentGame Production, Design & DevelopmentHaxe, OpenFL, HaxeFlixel

Currently in development, Double Turn is a 2D party fighting game for up to four players. Themed around and heavily inspired by pro wrestling, this game aims to offer players an accessible and fun fighting game experience, while also having enough depth for comptetive play.

Double Turn is the first internal project I'm building at Inwave Labs. The technologies this game is being developed in are Haxe, OpenFL, and HaxeFlixel. I am producing, designing, and developing it, while working in conjunction with other contractors and teams to produce the game and bring it to market.

Website: | Twitter: @doubleturngame

Director of Web Development

Previous Role

Developed web applications and managed an engineering team

August 2012 - February 2017Web Development, Team LeadPython, Django, Javascript, PostgreSQL, React Native

Prior to starting Inwave Labs, I was the Director of Web Development at Enhatch. There I led the web development team, built a web application to manage their sales enablement platform, and developed a React Native app.

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