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Inwave Labs

Developing products & creating digital experiences

Hello! 👋
I'm Kenny Goff and I run Inwave Labs.

I work with companies to create digital products, websites, and apps. I'm a freelance developer well versed in product development, project management, and team leadership.

Working with me, some of the things we can accomplish together are:

  • Project Planning & Roadmaps
  • Front-end Web Development (Javascript, React, Redux, Vue, HTML/CSS)
  • Back-end Web Development (Python, Django, Node.js)
  • Mobile Development (Javascript, React Native)
  • Consulting CTO & Technical Strategy

>>> Work: See my past work and ongoing projects

The first homegrown Inwave Labs project I'm producing is Double Turn, a pro-wrestling party fighting game. If you'd like to hear more about that, you can follow it's development on Twitter or visit

>>> Double Turn: Follow the progress on Twitter

If you're interested in working with me to expand your team's bandwith, explore new products with a prototype, or launch a new website for your business, please get in touch at

Available starting February 2018

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